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Focus on universally valid principles

A lot of a seminar’s participants expect to learn new techniques they can later go on and use for themselfs.
But how many single techiques can you learn in one day? How many of those can you understand, practice (or even drill) and properly remember it later? The idea goes in the right direction, but I rather concentrate on passing universally valid principles. Those who are able to understand them will be enabled to draw his own conclusions. And by that will be able to not only know when and how to apply but maybe also find his own techniques that way.

Choose the topics of the sminar individually

When giving seminars I don’t just reproduce once created contents. Who ever books me can suggest his own topics and contents. That way it is guaranteed, that participants will gain maximum benefit from the seminar. During the planing-phase of the seminar there will be a variety of questions asked to find out what the participants want and need the most to bring their game to the next level.

International experienced competitor

All presented contents are derived from my experiences as an international competitor. Those experiences from over 17 years of active fighting all across the world make sure, that there are no things tought that only work in theory. I fought in some of the biggest organisations of the USA, UK, Germany, eastern Europe and the middle east and I wouldn’t have been able to do so without my unique set of skills.

Pedagogical experience

Due to long years of pedagogical work and my well based theoretical knowledge how to bring across practikle know-how I am able to find the right didactic structure for every participant. That way every single person attending one of my seminars gets the most out of the experience – no matter if he’s a pro or beginner.

Professionel pre- and postprocessing

Even though seminars mostly are only a few hours long, the learning experience keeps on after the training has ended. While preprocessing makes sure that contents suit participants the posprocessing helps remembering the things learned. There are multiple possibilities. From handouts to online-video-course – everything is possible to make sure that you get the most out of this learning experience.

Experienced trainier

In more than a decade of being a personal trainer, competition coach and corner man I gained a lot of experience. That helps me to improvise in almost every single thinkable situation during a seminar. A well experienced coach will always keep a calm and relexed state of mind and by that helps to create the perfect learning experience. Empathy is the highest virtue when it comes to teaching.