„Learn about my other side“


„The spirit in me honors the spirit in you“ –that is my way to translate namaste.

“In many parts of the world people greet each other by laying their palms together and saying „namaste“. Often combined with a little bow. In that way they signal each other that they recognize the holyness every single living creature carries inside, symbolizing that we are all one. This way of thinking, feeling, seeing and approaching the world is my personal guide on the road to my ideal life. As a consequence helping others became part of my nature and I want to use this particular space to introduce you to some of the projects I’ve been involved in. Not to brag about it, or to make you feel like I am a good person. But more to maybe inspire you and hopefully convince you to give something to people in need.

The Black Knight

As a mixed martial artist I am not only an athlete, but also an entertainer. And as you may (or may not) know I also have a degree in educational science. Those parts of my personality led to the desire to create something that is entertaining and helps the youth learn at the same time.   My first youth book „The Black Knight“ will be available in stores by the end of 2014 and every single cent earned by it will go to the benefit of Leuchtende Kinderaugen e.V.

Leuchtende Kinderaugen e.V.

Leuchtende Kinderaugen e.V. is not a big children’s aid organisation with a lot of personnel. In fact it is a „one man show“ during the year – just on five days before christmas there are helpers. They help packing the presents and help with the logistics before christmas. The way they do their business helps creating a transperent way of working. That way it’s sure that all the donations end up where they belong – with the kids.